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It began with a Ugandan, Peter Kasozi, when he was called by God to start an orphanage and schools for the children of Uganda. Peter is a pastor and founder of Rock Ministries in Kampala, Uganda. He had been praying since 1986 that God would give a passion for the children to someone who could help him invest in their lives.

In 2000 Jim McIntosh, a developer from the UK, took a mission trip to Africa and it touched his life so deeply that he sought how he could improve the situation of the people in Africa. 

The concept of helping Africans to help themselves by providing equipment, training, and ways to earn an income came about. On a second trip to Africa, Jim met Peter Kasozi and experienced first hand what Peter was involved in with the children. Jim shared his vision for Africa with David Simmons, director of Marketing Associates, and David also wanted to be involved with missions in Africa.

From there Jon Cawley came on board and liked the concept of helping Peter and the children of Uganda. He believed people would give to a cause that would put others to work in order to improve their situation. Another beginning was when Stewart Mauck, who in 1996 made his first of seven trips to South Africa. Stewart, also a pastor, knew from the very first time he experienced Africa that he would always be involved with Africa in some way. David invited Stewart to be involved with a mission trip to Uganda not knowing that Stewart was seeking God’s leadership in some type of mission involvement. As the details of what was to take place in Kampala were being discussed, Jon felt it was time to start a non- profit organization to help all of Africa with a hand up and not just a hand out. Stewart had been considering the possibilities of starting a mission organization, but needed more support.

At that point the charity was born.

Board of Directors

Murray Kartanson, Clemmons, NC
Stephen Minnich – Winston-Salem, NC
Tom Riggs – Mount Airy, NC
Kevin Wilson – Mount Airy, NC

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