Projects update 2012

HUA is raising money to purchase another block making machine.  This machine will be placed in Kitale, Kenya at the Challenge Farm.   It will provide jobs for those students not continuing their formal education.  It will provide financial resources for the Challenge Farm and materials to build needed facilities.  The Challenge Farm will be able to make the blocks for a house for a pastor in another area Kenya that also works with orphans.

HUA has received several requests from individuals who are operating orphanages and need tools to farm in order to feed their children.  HUA hopes to provide farm tools (hoes, shovels, wheel barrels, rakes, etc… to these places in the coming year.


  • Purchased a generator to provide electricity for a school for pastors – will allow them to also rent the building to outside groups to generate revenue for the Kenya Ministry Training Institute

In partnership with The Challenge Farm – A working farm and school serving the street children of Kitale

  • Purchased a posho machine (grinds corn, a daily need for the people in this area) and financed a building to house the machine – provides a source of income for the orphanage and school
  • Currently raising funds to purchase a block making machine for construction efforts in Kitale

2008 through 2010

  • Made a visit to Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2008 to investigate the purchase of a Hydraform block making machine that would be instrumental in the building of permanent structures for schools and orphanages
  • HUA purchased and shipped a block making machine to Budalangi, Kenya for construction of dormitories and classrooms at the Our Home orphanage and the New Life Christian School in December 2008  
  • Executive director and two board members of HUA traveled to Budalangi in February 2009 to participate in the block making training and production of the first blocks
  • Hand Up Africa had missions teams to go to Budalangi in August of 2009 and 2010


  • Purchased a 62HP Ford tractor and five attachments to help clear land for food crops to be planted in partnership with Peter Kasozi Ministry in the community of Kitetikka near Kampala
  • A team of six people from North Carolina traveled to Kitetikka to work with the children in the school, to help clear land for crops to be planted, and to deliver 50 pieces of tin for roofing of a dorm, 56 mattresses, 60 mosquito nets and assorted gifts for the children in August


  • Made a site visit in August to an orphanage and school in Budalangi and delivered 80 mosquito nets and 100 Lifestraws (a personal water purification tool that provides clean water for a child for a year)
  • Investigated the possibility of HUA providing a block making machine for construction of permanent dorms, classrooms, and other needed structures 


  • Made a site visit in August to The Challenge Farm, a school and working farm serving more than 60 street children
  • HUA provided a tiller and other equipment for use at the farm