HUA was able to go to all its current projects in December of 2011. It was so encouraging to see the progress at every place. In Kitale, at the Challenge Farm we were able to see the posho machine grinding maze and hear how many in the community were going to bring their maze to be ground by the Farm. They have opened what looks to be a small store, in which the posho machine is located and able to work out of. The children (mainly street children) were doing well. I (Stewart) was able to lead the children in Bible study and to hear their questions and concerns about the Christian life.

While in Kitale, I stayed at Larry Neeses’ house that is located on the grounds of his pastor training school (Kenya Ministry Training Institute – KMTI). My first day, KMTI had a graduation celebration. I was able to share with the graduates and lead in a time of prayer. HUA helped KMTI purchase a generator for this facility.

In Budalangi, It was so encouraging to see the framework for the new school – the pictures of the concrete beams can be seen in the photo gallery. Once the floors are poured with cement the blocks will fill in the walls. This is only the first phase of the project. Murray (board member), Derick (my son), and I also heard from present and former students of New Hope Academy. It was great to hear of their successes in High School.

Our last stop was in Kitetikka, Uganda at Pastor Peter Kasozi. This is where HUA started five years ago. The success stories of the children were awesome. Three girls who were in school are now teaching and working with the children in the school. They are giving back. One young lady was involved in business in Kampala. Some of the other children are in the university working on various fields of study.

Hand Up Africa (HUA) has provided the blockmaking machine, and construction tools in Budalangi for the construction of dorms, classrooms, and bathroom facilities.  In Kitale, HUA has purchased a generator to provide electricity for a school for pastors. This also allows them to rent the building to outside groups bring in revenue for the school.  At the Challenge Farm HUA has repaired a cement mixer, purchased a posho mill, and financed a building to be used as a mill for the posho machine (grinds corn, something done almost every day by people in this area).  This will create income for the orphanage/school there.

The above projects represent almost $70,000.00 that has been raised and spent to help orphans in Kenya.  Thank you to all who have had a part in these projects by your generous giving, prayer support, and concern. 

HUA is raising funds for another blockmaking machine for the Kitale area.

HUA is in the possess of planning a trip to Kenya for late November, early December to help with the various projects that are under way. If you are interested in making a trip with HUA, please let us know.