Hand Up Africa (HUA) has provided the blockmaking machine, and construction tools in Budalangi for the construction of dorms, classrooms, and bathroom facilities.  In Kitale, HUA has purchased a generator to provide electricity for a school for pastors. This also allows them to rent the building to outside groups bring in revenue for the school.  At the Challenge Farm HUA has repaired a cement mixer, purchased a posho mill, and financed a building to be used as a mill for the posho machine (grinds corn, something done almost every day by people in this area).  This will create income for the orphanage/school there.

The above projects represent almost $70,000.00 that has been raised and spent to help orphans in Kenya.  Thank you to all who have had a part in these projects by your generous giving, prayer support, and concern. 

HUA is raising funds for another blockmaking machine for the Kitale area.

HUA is in the possess of planning a trip to Kenya for late November, early December to help with the various projects that are under way. If you are interested in making a trip with HUA, please let us know.

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